20240115   Creating a Linux VM in HyperV   ⇢  

While I typically prefer to run Linux, I do find myself needing to run Windows on occasion, and while WSL is great, it often isn't entirely adequate. In such situations, Microsoft's Hyper-V is available. To install Hyper-V, you need only go to _Contro

20231205   Running an LLM locally   ⇢  

So, if you want to run an LLM locally for whatever reason, it's not too hard to do. Essentially, you first need to grab Llama.cpp, compile it, then grab a model (and possibly convert it), and then run it. Before starting, make sure you have a C/C++ compil

20231203   How to Block LLM bots   ⇢  

With all of the various LLMs and LLM-using-services springing up all over the web without any regard at all to copyright, morality, or consent, I wanted to find a way of blocking these things from using any of my content. Normally, we would use `robots.tx

20231104   Setting Up a Debian Portainer Server   ⇢  

Recently I had cause to setup two Debian 12 servers on AMD EPYC. Initially, I was reaching for Slackware as I always do. Ultimately, I chose Debian. This was due to a concern for the next engineer who will one day take my place. Debian is nearly universal

20231026   New Releases   ⇢  

I have recently worked on some of my old software, and there are new versions of both WPM and BashBlog. git.abortretry.fail/bradford/WPM [git.abortretry.fail/bradford/BashBlog](https://git.abortretry.fail/bradfo

20231025   Kernel 6.5   ⇢  

It will come as little surprise to long time readers of either of my sites that I use Slackware. Currently, I am running Slackware64 15, and I have been on and off since its release. I recently decided to try the PF kernel with version 6.5 and it seems to

20230310   An Introduction to Linux   ⇢  

In the 1990s, Linux was available on store shelves in big boxes. These were complete with thick manuals covering a wide variety of the software included in a given Linux distribution. After the dot com bust, this practice largely stopped. Many Linux distr

20230224   Cool News   ⇢  

There's a new fab company! Sam Zeloof is a rather amazing guy. At 17, he built a small fab in his parents’ garage. This resulted in the first (that anyone is aware of) homemade lithographically fabricated microchip, the Z1, in 2018. A follow up chip, th

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