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Apple ID is Complete Garbage   ⇢  

I have been using Apple products a long time. Long enough that my Apple ID didn't actually start that way, and was originally a MobileMe account. I did, however, have an issue with one Apple ID where the required second email address was inaccessible and

Scalable on Bare Metal?   ⇢  

So, how do you actually setup a web service that isn't bound by the performance of single machine? Like... how do you really do it? Not with docker, not with the cloud, not with automation. How do you actually setup a webserver? It starts with knowing wha

LetsEncrypt Root Certificate   ⇢  

If you're currently using any Ubuntu 16.04 machines, you shouldn't be, but that aside you may not be able to curl a good number of servers around the world due to SSL/TLS failures. This is due to [LetsEncrypt's root certificate having expired](https://com

Of Ephemera and Nostalgia   ⇢  

When I was a kid, I played outside often. Eventually, this meant that I would ride my bike all over the city. The exceptions were rainy days. On rainy days, I would build little boats out of popsicle sticks and tin foil, and I would "sail" them down the g

Apple Sucks   ⇢  

Two days ago the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said this in regards to Apple: "End-to-end encrypted messaging presents a big challenge to public safety, and this is not just

The Confession of an Older Technologist   ⇢  

I know that every young hot head out there thinks himself/herself a genius. He/she thinks that the older people don't know anything. The older people are out of touch. The older people just don't like change. I know this because I once thought the exact s

Slackware 15 Beta   ⇢  

Patrick Volkerding announced the following yesterday: _I'm going to go ahead

Slackware 15 Alpha   ⇢  

Two days ago, alienbob (Eric Hameleers) announced the release of Slackware 15 Alpha after nearly 5 years since Slackware 14.2. It's a big big day. The most recent upgrade was to glibc-2.33 which then required a rebuild of all of the packages to be include

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