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The First PC   ⇢  

What is a personal computer? When we say that compound word, we all know what we mean. They are multipurpose general computing devices that are generally cheap enough for people to realistically afford to purchase, they are usually pre-assembled by a comp

CentOS is Dead   ⇢  

In 2004, the CentOS project started. The idea of the distribution was to be binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This worked well for quite sometime. The Linux community was able to offer up a stable and useful distribution that rivaled corpor

Chips and Soda   ⇢  

_There's been a new Apple CPU, new Intel and AMD CPUs, and more in the months since I wrote this article. There's now evidence that I was very wrong. Apple's newest A series CPU (frpm which the M1 was built) is not much faster than its predecessor in any

Apple and the M1   ⇢  

Apple has announced the use of its own ARM processors and its own GPU

Multi-account Mutt   ⇢  

Mutt is a mail user agent. It's an old one. It doesn't have a GUI.

Slackware Current   ⇢  

Slackware Current usage isn't really explained anywhere, but it's somewhat

MySQL and its 'open_files_limit'   ⇢  

So, very often, I come across a super annoying aspect of MySQL on so-called

Open Source Fatigue   ⇢  

Traditional models of software development are largely dead. Even Microsoft no

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