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Waste and Wasters Who Make It   ⇢  

There's a rather large issue in the technology industry that no one within the

Setup WordPress Yourself   ⇢  

This article assumes the reader has some basic familiarity with the Linux operating system, and it assumes that either Linux or Windows with WSL is in use on the reader's computer.

Linux Kernel 4.19   ⇢  

For those individuals using Linux distributions that ship with older kernels, they may find themselves needing a newer kernel for hardware support, and not having a package available. Never fear. In this document, I will be using 4.19.21, but you will wan

An Introduction to C, XIII   ⇢  

We've covered a lot of ground with C so far. The big problem here is that we've not yet covered one of the most common tasks on a UNIX system. We have not covered files. So, let's look at files. For file I/O in C, you need a file pointer. We declare a fi

An Introduction to C, XII   ⇢  

So, in this part of the C Intro, I would like to say a bit about memory management.

An Introduction to C, XI   ⇢  

Some time has passed since I last did anything with my C tutorial. This is largely due to work and having several different projects going at any one time (learning Chinese, developing a hobby OS, a gaming community, etc...). However, I felt that I ought

An Introduction to C, X   ⇢  

It's time for a cake walk. Here's an array of integers.

An Introduction to C, IX   ⇢  

In the last post, I briefly introduced arrays and strings. Let's look a little more closely.

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