A Little Bit About Ownership

Ownership is the single most important concept that mankind has ever invented. You see, most human conflicts can be reduced to a disagreemnt over what ought to be done with some scarce resource. You see, my boss my want Ford to work on Saturday, but Ford thinks that Ford should drink some beer on Saturday. BOOM conflict ensues. When we introduce the idea of ownership, we see that this problem is no where near as complicated as most people would like to make it.

Each human owns precisely one human. There is only one human over whom any human has complete and exclusive control: himself or herself. As each person has exclusive control of himself/herself, we can say that he/she has defacto ownership. Any other person laying claim would be in direct conflict with that person. It is by this we establish that people have free-agency. They are free to do as they please so long as they do not threaten the self-ownership of others. Through self ownership, we can see that the owner has an inherent right to protect himself/herself, an inherent right to preserve himself/herself, and inherent right alter or destroy himself/herself.

So when Mr. Santorum says that all women should be bare foot, pregnant, and forever in the kitchen, we can all tell him to go pound sand. He seems to not understand that women own themselves and that he has absolutely no right to tell women what they can or cannot do, or even what they ought or ought not do. He is pretty much a moron.

When Ger, the cave man, walked out of his cave Saturday morning and decided that he really wanted to build a hut and no longer live in a cave covered in bat shit, he first had to fell a tree. He got his stone axe out and started chopping. How did he come to view his axe as his? We know that he owns himself. But this axe? He spent the time and energy to make the damn thing. He went out and found a rock and then a harder rock. He banged them together in a very particular way to get a sharp rock. Then he found some very particular bark, heated it to very particular temperature for a particular amount of time to produce pitch. Ger, in his amazing brilliance, then found a stick and combined the sharp rock with the stick using the pitch. AWESOME. Ger has an axe. Ger has it, because Ger made it out of unowned materials. Ger owns it, because it was his body expending his body's energy and his body's time. Ger spent his scarce resources of time and energy on the rocks, the bark, the burned materials, the stick. Ger then chops down some unowned trees. This means that the trees were also altered by Ger. Ger spent more time and energy. Attaching those felled trees to make a hut, means Ger owns the hut. He built that.

Now, it seems that Ger wants to have a new animal skin for a shirt. Ger knows how to kill an animal. Ger is tired. Ger just built a hut. Ger walks over to another cave, and he offers one of his axes in exchange for a small piece of meat and a skin. Ger traded something Ger made for something that Ter made. OMG! UNREGULATED VOLUNTARY TRANSACTIONS! ANARCHY!. No. Really. This is trade. This is the transfer of ownership. This prevented Ger from simply killing Ter, and taking the things that Ter owned. It prevented Ger from alternately stealing what Ter made, and then telling Ter that this was a tax. There are three things that made this possible. First, Ger learned some specialized stuff. He learned how to make pitch, how to do knapping, and how to shape a stick. Second, Ter did the same. He learned how to kill animals far more efficiently than Ger, and he learned how cure skins, how to cut meat efficiently, how to preserve meat, and how to make spears with which to kill animals. Third, the two know that there is less resource destruction and less effort required to trade the things that they are good at making for the things that they are not good at making.

Those who must rely on taxation (governments and politicians) obviously have nothing to offer. If they did have things to offer, they would do so. It is cheaper to trade. You see, if you produce some good or service and can do so well, then you are able to trade for anything else you need. If you have have no abilities and are useless waste of air, then you have to rely on thievery. To do this, all you have to do is lie to a bunch of people and convince armed thugs to enforce you decrees and to enforce your assumed ownership over the wealth of others. That is, taxation is the theft of the time and energy of others. It is a violation of both their self-ownership and their ownership of the results of their time and energy.

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