A Little Bit About Rights

Let's get something straight; rights do not exist.

To be a little more clear, the common idea of a right is a freedom that is granted by and secured by the state. That is, people supposedly have a right to the freedom of speech. This right is granted and secured by the state, of course with the stipulation that any "right" granted by the state can be taken away by the state. Of course, this means that you are not free. In modern society, there is no such thing as freedom. There are only privileges granted by the state. The state has become the ultimate authority of all and can pick and choose what you can and cannot do, what you can and cannot say, when you will and will not live. This contrasts sharply with the classical liberal ideology with which the USA was founded.

The classical liberal ideal of a "right" is just one of the many things a human can do with his/her inherent freedom. That freedom was limited only by the freedom of others. In that sense, rights have simply ceased to exist altogether. There is no longer inherent freedom. People are now born into bondage to their master, the state. The fruits of human labor are stolen by their masters, and their lives are always threatened by the state and the agents of the state.

What's worse is that the people have been so domesticated, they no longer actually even want freedom and they do not even view freedom as freedom. People believe that they are free despite living under the state, where the state kills, jails, starves, tortures, steals from, and otherwise harasses and terrorizes its population. This is what is viewed as freedom by modern societies. This is messed up.

In our society, soma is no longer required as people simply are docile and compliant. They've been conditioned to be so. Those few who are neither docile nor compliant are murdered, are thrown in cages, or are given medication for oppositional defiant disorder.

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