Ancapistan: Education

We do not really have much of an education system. One who is educated doesn't simply know a large number of things. Anyone can memorize facts, and the number of facts that one knows doesn't imply intelligence. One who is intelligent should be able to quickly learn knew things in a fundamental way. As an example, one who understands gravity would have the ability to use gravity to his/her advantage in a variety of situations. This is not common of a high school graduate in the West who is supposed to have learned about gravity. Why? No one is taught critical thinking skills. No one is taught formal logic. No one is taught how to learn. An educational system would actually be quite short. Basic reading and writing would need to be taught, and thereafter you would learn critical thinking skills, logic, and basic mathematics. You would then be ready for university if that were your goal, or you could attend a trade school. There isn't much need to take someone into a building for 13 years and have him/ her come out no more capable of making a living than when he/she entered. What is the purpose of that?

I also recommend that a child not be sent to a school, but instead have a teacher come to him/her for 4 or 5 hours a day, under the supervision of the child's parent(s). This would be something that surely only married couples with a decent income could afford to do, but it would have far better results. Smaller class sizes are known to have better results than large class sizes, and one on one would certainly be better still. This is why all colleges I have visited have private tutoring services available for little to no cost. The funny thing is, if you are learning from the tutor and not the professor, why have the professor?

The educational system I suggest is far more useful to our society than that which we currently have, and would be far less expensive as it would be far shorter. I am sure that many people wish everyone to know history. I am sure that many wish everyone to know basic sciences, classical literature, and a foreign language or ten. These simply are not things in which all people are interested, and if people are not interested in them, they will never truly learn the lessons that these subjects have to teach. To attempt to teach these subjects to unwilling students is a waste of both the time of the teacher and the time of the students.

Licentiam Absurdum