Ancapistan: Healthcare

Healthcare is not at all a complicated affair. As far as I know, we've never actually had a healthcare system. We have a sickness and injury care system. With our current system, doctors and nurses subsidize the bad choices and random bad luck of our lives. They do not keep us healthy, but they in collusion with the pharmacological industry and the insurance industry do somewhat encourage bad behavior. If you eat too much, become overweight, and then develop heart disease they have pills and surgeries to help you. There is no need to change your behaviors and become healthy. If you develop diabetes, you can be given insulin. No where do people tell you that you quite simply need to change your eating behaviors and get some sun and exercise. You cannot go to your doctor and review your eating habits and get pointers. You pay the man in recompense for his massive education and knowledge, but that knowledge isn't readily available for you.

A real healthcare system would make money when you weren't ill. You would pay a group of doctors (dietitians, trainers, martial arts masters, psychologists, cardiologists, etc...) who run a club of sorts to give you advice and provide regular health testing as well as work out facilities and programs. I pay for services only when I actually get results from the services. If I am paying someone to keep me healthy, I expect certain diseases to be treated at no cost should they occur when I am following the expertise of whom I am paying. The type of insurance we currently have would still be required for the random bad luck. This however is far less common than illnesses brought on by bad life choices, and the cost would be lower.

In the managed web hosting field, people pay experts to keep their web servers and websites online and responsive. When bad things happen, the web host fixes the problems at no extra cost. When good things are happening, the web host still gets paid. If bad things are happening far more often than good things, customers leave that web host. This is the nature of many service industries, but it is not the nature of our current "healthcare" industry.

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