Does God Exist?

He does, and he is American. Nah. Let me indulge your confirmation bias.

To the believer, I would say this:

All matter in the universe tends toward a state of maximum entropy. That is, all things beak down. Even atoms. At some point in time, nothing will be. By virtue of this, we know that the universe had a beginning. This necessitates something that is not matter with the ability to create matter. The more we discover, there will always be that problem that nothing in our universe is begotten. That sounds a bit like a deity.

To the atheist, I would say this:

A common claim is that it is impossible to prove that god does not exist. This is an insane argument. I do not have to prove that there is not a semi-tangible, invisible monkey raping my face, but of course, I do get heart burn... so maybe? When you consider the difficulty in proving any negative, you discover that the burden of proof is not upon he who tries to disprove but on he who tries to prove. Prove to me that you have never committed murder. Prove to me that there is not a purple dragon the size of a whale that shits kittens. Kittens are so adorable that they could not possible have evolved and the purple dragon has obviously defecated the little bastards onto the surface of the Earth.

From an atheist's perspective, nothing can be accepted as truth without evidence to support its claim of truth, and one cannot prove a negative. A negative is assumed as truth until proven otherwise. For example, one could ask: prove to me that you did not steal a candy bar yesterday. This would be erroneous. There is no evidence that you stole a candy bar, and even with surveillance systems in place, I could claim that you were hiding behind rows and counters and whatever. Your innocence would be assumed unless there were evidence against you.

Licentiam Absurdum