Everything is Absurd

Everything is absurd. The universe comes from nothing. This. Blows. My. Fucking. Mind.

You see, in the world of quantum mechanics nothing becomes something... like all the time. You can never actually have a zero energy state, which means that you can also never have a zero mass state due to the equivalence of mass and energy. Therefore, particles have a tendency to form spontaneously out of nothing.

Consider the big picture for just a moment. You are essentially an electical signal piloting a meat wrapped skeleton around the surface of a massive ball of wet dirt that circles a massive, unshielded, nuclear fusion reactor. Both the ball of wet dirt and the fusion reactor are flying through a massive expanse of nothing. Meanwhile, the massive fusion reactor (and the bodies that circle it) is itself circling a ball of stuff that is so unbelievably dense and has such intense gravity that space time folds in on itself providing no route away from the ball of stuff. No light, no particle, nothing escapes. That super dense ball of stuff is part of a massive cluster of such setups, and that cluster is one of millions. Every single element (the ball of wet dirt, the nuclear fusion reactor, the black hole, the galactic cluster) is interacting over insane distances with all of the others. The universe is so big, that you could never really fully understand just how big it is...

For the most part, stars die in violent explosions and the materials fused in their cores seed the universe with elements. Those elements make up everything else in the universe. The planets, asteroids, comets, and life forms are all made of stardust... or detritus depending upon how you look at it.

So, the stardust seeds the universe. The chemicals created by the stars happens to form planets, and on some of those planets things like hydrogen, nitrogen, lithium, oxygen, and carbon are present. Planet formations tend to be hot and violent. This churns the chemicals. Overtime amino acids start to form, and occasionally those form DNA. The early self patterning and replicating matter does not necessarily qualify as life, but it certainly starts the process of natural selection. At some point the self patterning matter becomes alive (natural selection breeds complexity for some of those successful self-patterning types), and at some point the life becomes self-aware and thus the universe comes to know itself.

All from nothing in the biggest sense, all from stardust in a more romantic view. Etiher way, it's one hell of a free lunch.

From there, we know that the entire universe is still expanding, and that all matter and energy are accelerating away from matter and energy. Throughout the lifetime of the universe, this will continue until eventually mass and energy are so evenly distributed that the universe is simply cold and dark with no large structures. Fortunately, there is an exceptionally long time that will pass before this matters in any way at all, and even if it did... there are more pressing concerns. For example, in about 5 billion years the sun will expand and first burn the Earth up, and then obliterate the Earth entirely. After that, all of the other galaxies will disappear from the heavens and any life form here in the Milky Way will no longer have any idea that anything else is out there. There's also the fact that most of mankind's systems that are in place to make our civilizations work are incredibly fragile and are always on the verge of collapse. The only reason anything man-made works is that it's constantly being maintained.

Insane... yet that is exactly how the universe works... and it clearly does work; we're here to contemplate just how fucked up it is that all of this does, indeed, function.

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