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The old WP script that I created and maintained has been dramatically altered. It handles more scenarios and it works in more environments. The script will handle domain name changes, site cloning, wordpress installation, wordpress update, safe file permission setting, site and associated DB deletion, wordpress file and DB backup, and temporary wordpress user password changes. Usage information follows.

 WordPress Manager 3.1

rename           change the domain name but leave everything else alone
example          wpm rename dev.example.com example.com /var/www/html

copy             copies a site from one domain and docroot to another
example          wpm copy dev.example.com example.com /var/www/dev /var/www/html

install          just installs wordpress to a given directory.
example          wpm install example.com /var/www/example.com

update           updates a wordpress install
example          wpm update /var/www/html

permissions      resets a wordpress install's permissions for files/directories
example          wpm permissions /var/www/html

delete           removes docroot, user, and database
example          wpm delete /var/www/example.com
example          wpm delete /var/www/example.com b (delete, but backup first)

backup           creates a backup in /var/www/backup
example          wpm backup /var/www/html
example          wpm backup /var/www/html n (dont compress backup)
example          wpm backup /var/www/html d (delete older backups)
example          wpm backup /var/www/html n d (delete old and dont compress)

temppass         temporarily change a wordpress user's password (default 10 minutes, and username admin)
example          wpm temppass /var/www/example.com (change admin's pass for 10 minutes)
example          wpm temppass /var/www/example.com 60 (change admin's pass for 60 seconds)
example          wpm temppass /var/www/example.com 5m bob (change bob's pass for 5 minutes)
NOTICE           if you pass a name, you must first pass a time limit

If you wish to get WPM and use it, you can download it. You will uncompress with xz doing something like

xz -d < wpm31.xz > /usr/local/bin/wpm

and then

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/wpm

The script will grab its hard dependencies if they are missing. The script is licensed under the Licentiam Absurdum.

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