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As noted previously on this blog, I really like Mutt. Mutt is a terminal application for the reading of mail. I typically now use it with imapfilter and IMAP/SMTP. I built an AMD ThreadRipper machine last year (1950X 16 core, 32 thread, 32GB of DDR4, AMD Vega56, and NVME disks). This machine is great but Linux support for the technologies involved isn't great. Due to that, I find myself making frequent use of Windows 10. The OS is terrible in many ways, and I have had to make some configurations changes and occasionally just delete services to get it to not be spyware/malware, but it has WSL and VirtualBox... so I can get things done. The issue with WSL is that some of its behavioral quirks broke mutt/mailcap attachment handling. Being a sometimes Macintosh user as well, I was well acquainted with view attachment (an often cited handler of attachments written in bash). With just a few modifications, this suited me very well. I can happily use Mutt without sacrificing functionality within WSL.

Here are the files:




Please note that all three of these files will need modification by you before they become useful in any way.

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