Absurd: WPM 4.1.0 Alpha


May the Fourth be with you!

Today, I am announcing the availability of WPM 4.1.0 Alpha. The change log is as follows:

cleaned up code style
fixed bugs in backup:
  backup does not skip uploads when asked
  backup creates tar bomb
  backup cannot compress if low RAM
variable names are more understandable
log output and stdout are now the same text
output is a bit more verbose
the usage function is now per-function help, cuz there's too much output
the md5 option of verify will now attempt to NOT override wp-config.php
settings function can now be invoked with -e
added --skip-ftp option to install & update
removed perl updater script, now uses bash in wpm-update.sh

The download is available from: https://absurd.wtf/files/wpm410.tar.xz

The changes to usage are in help, install, and update. So, for help, you can now do:

wpm -h -i

And whatever else with each operation mode. Within install and update you can do:

wpm -i --skip-ftp
wpm -u --skip-ftp

In the case of -i this will skip the FTP sockets configuration and it will skip the permissions set. Within -u this will skip the permission set. Primarily, this is because theme tools like Elementor and Divi are incompatible with ftpsockets, and require running with unsafe permission sets.

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