Absurd: WPM 4.1.0 Beta


Many bug fixes have been pushed for this release, and anyone using the alpha release should update. Just download: https://absurd.wtf/files/wpm410.tar.xz and then do

tar xf wpm410.tar.xz; cd WPM; sudo make reinstall"

If you need help using WPM, you can always use:

wpm --help

The above command will show you the various modes of use, and for each mode you can get more help via:

wpm --help --install

If you need help on how to set up a site and all of that jazz, please see my previous post Setup WordPress Yourself.

There may be bugs lurking in this beta release. The git repository for this project is private, and as such the main method of bug reporting is unavailable for anyone not involved with project directly. You can still report bugs, however, by sending an email to bradford AT absurd PERIOD wtf

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