Absurd: WPM 4.1.0 Stable


Today, WPM 4.1.0 is out of beta. This was, by far, the longest testing period that WPM has ever had, and that's not really due to any high bug number or anything, it's mostly due to laziness on my part. Anyway, there are probably still quite a few bugs lurking in there, but none that I've run into in my rather frequent use of WPM.

Grab the latest release.

A highlight of changes: code style clean up, variable names are more sane, log output is also sent to screen, all output is a bit more verbose, --help is now per function because the usage info got too long, the settings function can now be called with -e, --skip-ftp has been added to -i and -u to skip the call to -p, the perl script for plugin updates is no longer used and has been replaced with more Bash.

Major bug fixes: backup was not skipping uploads when asked - it now does, backups used to unpack into the working directory which is kind of a tar bomb - they now unpack into a dated directory, backups would fail if there wasn't enough available RAM - they will now skip compression instead of failing, the md5 option in the verify mode was replacing the wp-config.php - it no longer does this.

Any other bug that exists wasn't reported and I didn't notice it.

There are now tutorial videos for WPM (use Google Chrome to view them).

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