Protect Your Own Rights

The founders believed that the government needed to secure liberty for the people. This is shocking because Jefferson castigated those who would sacrifice liberty for security. It's also shocking because it's an incredibly flawed argument.

Asking the government to secure your liberty is like asking the mafia to protect you from organized crime. It's the fucking government that you need protecting from! There are very few people on the day to day who would deprive you of your liberty, and 99% of those who would do so live and/or work in Washington D.C.

The argument of the founders would be something like: what good is my freedom to go get a burger down the street, if I will be killed on the way? I would respond: what makes you believe that you will be accosted in route? If you live in America today, you would only likely be stopped by the police if by anyone at all. No one cares that you are going to get a burger. This type of thinking also leads to: what good is my freedom to get a beverage if the beverage is going to kill me? And now you have a limit on the size of sugary drinks in NYC.

The truth is that you are the person responsible for you. You are the ONLY person responsible for you. Conservatives want to prattle on about personal responsibility and then pawn off that duty on other people. That isn't how it works. Once you delegate your right to self-defense, the person to whom you delegate that right will take all of your rights. You've rendered yourself defenseless to your defender.

The other part of this is that those who make this argument are assuming that everyone is out to get them. First, no one gives a fuck about you. Second, if everyone is out to get you why would you ever let them vote? Third, how are the cops not included in the everyone who is out to get you? The government and the police are people, right? Fourth, what conditions make people non-evil?

I would argue that with an increase in living standards, an increase in education, and in the presence of females crime decreases. As it is free markets that provide better living standards, better universities, and prostitution, it would seem that the government is actually the impediment to your security. You are asking for a solution that is in itself the problem.

Licentiam Absurdum