To the corporations, for which it stands

On the 10th of March 2017, President Park of the Republic of Korea was removed from office. Apparently, it is not okay to share confidential information with non-government personnel. It is apparently also not okay to pressure corporations into giving you money through non-profit foundations you setup, and it is not okay to accept bribes... All of those things are done in the West as a matter of course, and are pretty much the purpose for the existence of government. I mean, sure, non-government personnel has a loose definition, and sure we call it lobbying, so bribery doesn't fit. Sure, political pressuring is called investigating or auditing, and non-profits are charities and they get donated to out of the goodness of corporate hearts.

President Park does appear to have been very corrupt. I am not trying to diminish the crimes she comitted, but these crimes are quotidian in the West, perhaps even trite.

I bring this up because bribery, extortion, and the sharing of confidential information with non-governmental entities has been institutionalized in the USA. These crimes are now actually requisite for the functioning of the US government. You don't believe it, huh?

There is a banking cabal in the USA, and the government is involved in it. The major banks get together to fix interest rates, determine the amount of monetary inflation, scheme to influence monetary velocity, purchase bad assets from cronies, and buy up US debts to influence the credit rating of the US government because debt will be "intragovernmental" despite the cabal not being governmental. This cabal is known as the Federal Reserve System. It is made up of bank presidents from the member banks, Presidentially appointed board governors, and 12 regional bank presidents. Think about what I just said. Every national bank in the USA, as well as a few people appointed by the POTUS actually are conspiring to set monetary policies that benefit themselves, and this is part of the regular functioning of the USA. Oh, and in case you were wondering, any profit that the Federal Reserve makes is shared among the member banks and the US Treasury Department. So, if the Federal Reserve charges any of them for anything, the profits of that are shared...

So, maybe that wasn't enough? So, let's look at what Wikileaks has to say...

Jared Cohen is currently the President of Alphabet's Jigsaw (previously Google Ideas). Prior to that position, he worked in the US State Department. Eric Schmidt (Alphabet Executive Chairman) was born in Washington DC to a father who had worked for the Nixon Treasury. He graduated from Princeton and Berkeley, worked for Sun (who was a government contractor), and then became the CEO of Novell, where he started engaging with the political establishment. To give you an idea of who Schmidt is, he has attended more than a few Bilderberg conferences, has had numerous visits to the White House, and delivered many lectures to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Now, the company that these guys head has made petabytes of personal data available to the NSA through PRISM, but these guys have worked at the highest levels with the US government. I cannot believe that they were forced to participate. To make this a little more real to you, the research upon which Google was based came out of DARPA, and in 2003 Google was actually contracted by the NSA to create data mining tools.

As a lobbyist, Google out-paces defense contractors.

If that isn't enough, Cohen sent an email to Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO) to delay some maintenance so as not to interfere with the failed 2009 uprising in Iran, and in 2001 Schmidt became involved with the New America Foundation. The New America Foundation has such illustrious members as: Francis Fukuyama (a founder of neo-con thought), Rita Hauser (intelligence advisor to both Bush and Obama), Jonathan Soros, Walter Mead (security strategist), Helene Gayle (on the boards of: Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Rockefeller Foundation; member of: State Department, CFR)... These guys are part of the Establishment in pretty much every way. This is how wedded megacorps are with the US government.

The Federal Reserve System represents corruption that under a Korean mindset would see most of the economic establishment and every President and Senator since 1913 put behind bars. Google would have almost the entirety of the last few State Departments as well as all of the National Security apparatus behind bars.

It's cool though guys. Donald Trump wants to cut a few billion dollars out of a 4 trillion dollar annual operating expense, and that is an emergency. We really need to worry about spying claims of Russia or Trump or Obama when it is COMMONLY FUCKING KNOWN THAT THE NSA IS SPYING ON THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET. Yup. Oh, and let's not forget that we need some legislation about which bathrooms we should all be using. That's fucking vital.

Licentiam Absurdum