Absurd: The WordPress Mangler

Managing WordPress installations can be a pain, especially for those people who host more than one instance. For this reason, WPM was created.

Downloads are at GitHub

Features in brief

This tool started life as two separate scripts in 2013. One of these handled installations of WordPress, and the other one handled backups of those installations. I needed such tools, because I was working at a webhost and everyone was starting to use WordPress for everything. These tools later were merged into a single tool, and that single tool started quickly gaining features. It then became apparent that this tool should actually be managed and developed in a more serious way, and development moved off of my workstation to a private git repo. The tool gained a config file, a makefile for installation, and help text for new sysadmins at the company. I have long since ceased my employment with that company, and that company now no longer exists, but the tool remains.

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