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Some Cool Stuff for Linux Systems   ⇢  

So, in general, most things in Linux are actually cross platform and ubiquitous and typically just running in Chrome or in Electron (which is Chrome). There are still some really cool things though.

Hosting at Home with Argo Tunnels   ⇢  

I have in the past covered both setting up and hosting WordPress on your own, and I have covered hosting from home. Now, let's do something a little more interesting. Hosting at home can be a less than pleasing experience. You may need a DynDNS service. Y

Abort, Retry, Fail   ⇢  

I started a podcast called Abort, Retry, Fail. There are plenty of retro-tech shows on YouTube, and there are a few podcasts as well. Whether these are YouTube or Podcasts, most do not focus on people at all. I will c

The Coming Crisis in Home Computers   ⇢  

On June 19th of 1983, the New York Times ran an article by this title. The article opened with a bit about Texas Instrusments, and Bill Cosby making a joke about how i

DevTerm R-01   ⇢  

So, for those who are not aware, ClockworkPi has been making a retro-styled mobile computer. It will remind older readers of the TRS-80 100 and other similar machines. It even has an expansion port to which a small thermal printer attaches. The [DevTerm](

Setting up a blog at home   ⇢  

So, you have a Raspberry Pi or an extra computer, and you're thinking you'd like to setup a blog on it. Then you realize, that your broadband connection may not have a static IP address. It's okay. You can do it all. It is important to note that while you

Truly Modular Computing   ⇢  

A very interesting project, of which until today I'd had no prior knowledge, released a status update on the 8th. What is shown is a small SBC in a casing with some custom circuitry. The back of this casing has magnetic connectors allowing the attachment

Apple is getting silly   ⇢  

There was a time where Apple was truly ahead of the pack in almost everyway. They had a state of the art UNIX operating system, awesome PPC chips, fresh new product designs, and they were inventing new markets. Those days are dead. Apple has an amazing ch

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