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Site Updates

20170722, I updated the look and feel to be consistent on all pages... finally. I also got rid of "archived" posts. Didn't serve a purpose really.

20170505, If you are looking for the Intro to C series, it has been taken down. I am completely rewriting that series.

What's all this then?

My name is Bradford. This blog started out as elevenislouder.blogspot.com but I moved everything off of Blogger due to a change to the TOS. I just wasn't comfortable with Google owning everything I wrote. The name change came when I decided to blog about more than just tech.

If you are in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, or Yemen you could be committing a criminal act for viewing this site. In the anglosphere, reading this site could get you on a watchlist. Your readership is appreciated.

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